Let's Get This Thing Started

This is the initial homepage of Joe Newell, also known as Doc Newell, sometimes known as OnlineDotGuru. There's at least a decent chance that I never post anything else to this website. That's because I have reasonably active dialogue using my Twitter account, and a good number of other websites.

If you want to see my main line of business, all gussied up and ready for professional scrutiny, check out localegroup.com. That's my website for interacting with business owners who are ready to use search engine optimization techniques to stimulate the effectiveness of their online presence.

In most cases, those business people just pay me to take care of all the details associated with search engine optimization, and maybe even web design. But on this website, if I do actually get around to posting actively, I'll describe more about what I'm learning and how I'm learning it, more for practitioners of SEO.