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WebARX Review | A Web Application Firewall to Save Your Income

The review below was written by me (Doc) on July 31, 2018.  It describes details of a deal that Appsumo ( negotiated with the WebARX team.

That deal provide one-time pricing that will be gone very soon.  It’s an amazing discount over their normal pricing, and I know you’ll be a bit disappointed to be reading my review at any point after the lifetime deal closes.

Sorry about that, in advance, and I totally get that feeling too!

You know what’s even worse, though?  Being hacked and wasting days or weeks cleaning up the damage.

EVERYTHING feels like a bargain when that takes place!

Now onto the review…

Hello all. I come to you reeking of taco sauce and with sour cream stains down the front of my shirt.

If you’re in any way on the fence, I’m hoping my brief story of disaster might help you see the value in the Appsumo deal for WebARX.

About 3 months ago, I found that a number of my sites (generally affiliate income / ecommerce ones) had picked up a 2nd WordPress admin user. I discovered it during a site audit that turned up very odd external links in some of my content.

I’d not been using ANY security plugins because I’ve got hundreds of sites and had never had an issue before this. Turns out an outdated plugin had vulnerabilities and it allowed my sites to be hacked so that links could be injected.

My small team and I spent days cleaning up the mess and evaluating security software. The prices ranged from about $300/year for iThemes (I think) to wayyyy more for Sucuri.

So I jumped on WebARX the day this lifetime deal posted and have found it super easy to implement. I have seen ZERO site speed impact and I love the fact that it works exactly as installed or you can tweak if you’re inclined to do that too.

i feel very protected right now, and interaction with their people on live chat has been incredible. I’ve stacked six codes so far and have added about 35 sites.

I hope many more of you can understand the value of a good firewall at essentially $5/site for life. But I also hope you don’t buy up all the codes before I get another four or more!

Good luck out there.